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More than 5 000 active users

More than
5 000
active users

OctoCaller is trusted by thousands of people around the world. They rely on NUMBO to protect their time from annoying callers.

More than 54 995 583 numbers in database

More than
54 996 000
numbers in database

Our database has over 55,0M unique phone numbers. Users are adding new spam callers every day to help others.

More than 99 % of spam blocked

More than
99 %
of spam blocked

Thanks to our large database, OctoCaller is able to block hundreds of spam calls every day and save time of its users.

More than 25 486 reports in 24h

More than
25 000
reports in 24h

We have really large number of daily reports from our community of users to keep you updated. Please update your database regulary.

More than 36 738 002 verified companies

More than
36 738 000
verified companies

Our AI technology enhances your feedback with a huge number of identified companies. You are able to see company name when you receive the call.

HOW THE APP WORKS What are key
features of OctoCaller

References How OctoCaller helped
our users

Great app!

App does an absolutely excellent job of blocking, updating databases and had a great interface that is user friendly.

Percy, Detroit

Fantastic call blocker

OctoCaller is fantastic. I’ve been using it on my landline and now on my cell phone. I was literally getting 10-15 robo calls per day, because I run a business. It was a major problem. Now I’m not getting any. This is the greatest invention of our time. Thank you so much!

Kristi, Portland

We don't have to prove that OctoCaller is great.
Our reviews speak for themselves.

PREMIUM FEATURES Still not convinced?

Personalized blacklist Add numbers to your own blacklist.

Personalized blacklist
Add numbers to your own blacklist.

Choose if you want to identify them or block the call directly. You can also transfer your blacklist from one phone to another with a OctoCaller account.

SMS Filter No more spam messages

SMS Filter
No more spam messages

Use a SMS filter and protect your phone from unwanted text messages. All you have to do is just add keywords.

SMS Filter No more spam messages
Dual SIM Effective Dual SIM protection

Dual SIM
Effective Dual SIM protection

Using a dual SIM phone? OctoCaller synchronizes with both SIM cards automatically so you get double protection, even while traveling abroad.

FAQFrequently asked questions

When someone calls you, OctoCaller compares that number to our spam database. It will then identify and/or block robocalls, telemarketing, and spam numbers.

After downloading OctoCaller open the app and follow the instructions to correctly set up caller identification and blocking.

Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > enable OctoCaller


When you search for a number you can add it to the blacklist directly from the search results page. The number will be automatically copied into your blacklist.

You can also go to your call log > number information > share number > OctoCaller > add to blacklist.

Your 3rd option is to open OctoCaller, go to blacklist, and click on "add to blacklist". Type in the number you wish to block. You can decide to add this number to the public database by making sure the "Share with community" option is ON. Adjust the settings and save.

You won't notice any signs of an incoming call at all. The spam caller will hear a tone of a rejected call and the connection will be terminated. However, you will still see the number in your call log.

The premium version of OctoCaller offers you:

Unlimited Numbers Lookup
Search for any unknown number without limits. Search through our whole database of 55,0M unique phone numbers.

Instant Caller ID

Is it safe to pick up? Always know who is calling you. The caller information will appear directly on your screen when receiving a call from an unknown number.

Unlimited SMS Filter Keywords (iOS only)
(iOS only)
Add as many keywords as you want and filter all unwanted text messages.

Turn Off Ads

No ads, no interruption, no banners.

Premium Support 24/7

Get premium support, we are answering 24/7 and solving all your technical issues within 24 hours.

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